Why The Dandy Line Kitchen?


What is The Dandy Line Kitchen?

Last month, Hope Rises started The Dandy Line Kitchen. It is a for-profit, healthy food delivery service.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can order a freshly prepared, healthy meal and have it delivered to your home or place of work during the lunch hour.

You can order one serving or a family pack (for a little less $$) of four servings to save for later or feed the family.

These are some really delicious meals too. Things like…

Chicken Zucchini Enchilada Casserole

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Rainbow Quiche w/ Fresh Veggies and Cheddar Cheese

Vegan Black Bean Soup

Three days a week, made fresh, delivered to you, for only $7.50 (tax included) per meal. To put that in perspective, services like Freshly (similar service) charges between $8.99 – $12.50 per meal (and you have to heat those up in the microwave cause you get all your meals at once).


Okay, so it’s great, but why did we decide to do this of all things?

1. Healthy eating is an integral part of our program and the lives of our women. We provide the ingredients for them to eat three square meals every single day. That’s super unique for a transition house and even more unique, we only do fresh and healthy cooking. We bring in a nutritionist and experts to teach our residents how to cook health on a budget. This (1) improves physical health and how our ladies feel, (2) improves body image and (3) gives our residents the skills and habit to stay feeling good and healthy even after they graduate from the Hope Rises program.


2. Freshmaker, Lindsey Gant, is a wiz in the kitchen. We found in Lindsey, a resident of our inaugural class of ladies, a talented chef especially with healthy recipes and a dedicated small businesswoman. Lindsey is employed by The Dandy Line Kitchen and helps to develop recipes, cook and deliver meals, and market and grow our customers. We hope to grow The Dandy Line Kitchen to support Lindsey full-time with a living wage.

3. Nonprofits, in general, struggle to diversify funding. Being a nonprofit is tough in tough economic times. Personal and corporate giving levels are lower and nonprofits have to get creative and use the talent and innovation they have. Providing a fantastic and valuable service while turning a profit just makes sense. After expenses and Lindsey’s salary, all proceeds go to Hope Rises.

What we need and what we hope for The Dandy Line Kitchen.

  • We need about 25 orders per day (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to be able to cover expenses, pay Lindsey a living wage and give a good amount back to Hope Rises.
  • We obviously want more than that! We want to grow in order to employ other previously incarcerated women and give them an opportunity to make some money while they are in job training. Again after expenses and paying employees, ALL proceeds benefit Hope Rises.
  • We are open to catering events. As we are small, our sweet spot are event anywhere between 15 – 150 people (full meals and heavy or light hor d’oeuvres). Email hallie.shoffner@gmail.com for inquiries.

What can you do?

Try it out today!