Our History

The co-founders of Hope Rises, Kim Roxburgh and Christine Schilp-Mills, have worked together to create effective and participatory community work. In 2010, they partnered with Come Back Mission (CBM), to create a holistic women’s empowerment center in a shack community in Johannesburg, South Africa. The community faced numerous issues including an 80% unemployment rate and a HIV prevalence of 60%. Kim and Christine conducted research and assisted with the development of the Heavenly Valley Women’s Empowerment Center. It was through this experience that the co-founders became inspired to create a program for women back home in the United States using the same principles of addressing the whole woman. This holistic approach is effective because it addresses not only poverty-based social needs, but also significant mental and physical health needs. A comprehensive approach is paramount in addressing the complex needs of incarcerated and previously incarcerated women in the United States.